Hawks Vs M201-2 Reading Aces Men

Date 20 October 2013
Team Hawks
Opposition M201-2 Reading Aces Men
Fixture Away
Venue Kendrick School, 41 London Road, Reading, RG1 5BN
Start time 16:00
Result L 1 - 2 (16:26 25:14 15:9)
Time played
Match Report

Hawks all looked lethargic coming on court after refereeing the middle game. The sluggishness persisted then for far too long. It was 21:7 to Aces before Hawks came alive and played wonderfully dynamically then in the final stages of the set for a 25:16 score. Hawks last 8 points of that set were all on Erick's serve. Aces #9 had proved to be their most dangerous player.

For the 2nd set, Hawks stepped onto court much more energized, and took complete control of the set on 4th rotation with Paul serving. Hawks play was dynamic throughout that set with some really fabulous recoveries. In rotation, Hawks succeeded in matching Alan to Aces #9 and this attempt at neutralisation proved effective. The 25:14 win was utterly convincing.

For the 3rd set, Aces exchanged their Universal #10 and Middle #11 and started with a different server #5. Both proved to be canny decisions on their part. They had #9 frontcourt at position 2 to start whilst Alan was still backcourt. It was 8:0 for Aces before Hawks figured out how to handle Aces adjusted opposition. Hawks attitude stayed positive, without any dispondency, and they played well then through to the end of the 3rd set for 9 points.

MVP was awarded to Alan for his excellent defensive work both backcourt and frontcourt.

If Hawks had started the first set as they finished it, this could have been Hawks game in 2 sets. It was the lethargy after refereeing that seems to have had most impact on that. It would be worth figuring out ways to energize the team in the warm-up after refereeing.

The 1 league point from the set won was well deserved.






Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Marcin Pawlowski 3 Hitter